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Tailor made products.

Besides our existing range Cryo Canisters can offer any standard or tailor made solution on demand.
If you don’t see what you need here, just send us an email with drawings or photos, plus some details, and we’ll design and produce a product that meet s your requirements.
Product Branding.
At Cryo Canisters we believe that product branding can help you grow your business.
Simply add your logo or product identification data on your storage equipment and promote your corporate identity to associates and clients.
This is a simple but effective way to enhance your brand recognition.

Our choice of material for our products, Aluminium.
Why Aluminium?

This multipurpose and recyclable, material has a lot of characteristics unique for production of cryogenic storage equipment.
It is lightweight yet durable, corrosion resistant, easy to form and process and last but not least it is a cost effective solution compared to similar products made out of stainless steel.

Why Cryo Canisters?

A)  Because we like to listen and adapt.
Through our cooperation with leading Biotechnology companies we evolved our products by adding small but important upgrades that make every day life easier for the laboratory personnel. This made our products “popular” in a very short time.
B) Because we are actual producers not resellers.
Starting from the drawing board, going through production & assembly and finally reaching packaging of the products everything is done, and checked, by our team according to the needs and demands of our clients.
All that plus competitive prices.