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Cryo Boxes

Let us a take a quick look at the definition of freezer Boxes: “Boxes are made for use inside of the Vertical and Upright racks. Keep your cryogenic products in safe and in order. The 3X3 or 5X5 Box fits in standard vertical and upright racks.” This is an essential but simple – naive cryogenic element. Nothing more can be done it is simply a square box. Or not? At Cryo Canisters we always like to explore new ideas even if it concerns products that seemingly have reached a final stage of development.

We took the typical Box and tryied to give it another “twist” For starters we made it lighter by using Aluminium folded sheets. Then we thought how to make it more “flexible” make it easy to fit and retrieved from the freezer rack. The solution: non welded edges make it more flexible during handling. You can now “squeeze” the sides together and fit it in quicker. Leaser precison cutting and surface micro deburring tools provide a perfect and safe to use product. Dividers can be shipped separately unassembled or ready assembled and installed in the box.



Why use our Cryo Boxes?

  • Made entirely of Aluminium.
  • Laser cut and smoothened edges.
  • Partitions are packed separately.
  • Ready to use  with partitions installed inside optional.


Box 3x3

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Cryo Boxes Dimensions…