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Freezer Racks

Cryogenic racks efficiently organize and store standard freezer boxes or cassettes. Cryo Canisters freezer racks are made out of lightweight durable and corrosion-resistant Aluminium sheets, these high-quality units can easily withstand cryogenic temperatures and are available in various dimensions and capacities to fit any upright or chest freezer……..

Canisters / Cassettes

We present our Cassette for volume reduced Cord Blood Freezing Βags of ca 25 ml content. Place neatly and transport securely your cord blood bags. We specially designed our new cassette under the guidance and cooperation of leading Biotechnology laboratories…….

Cryo Boxes

Let us a take a quick look at the definition of freezer Boxes: “Boxes are made for use inside of the Vertical and Upright racks. Keep your cryogenic products in safe and in order. The 3X3 or 5X5 Box fits in standard vertical and upright racks.” This is an essential but simple – naive cryogenic element. Nothing more can be done it is simply a square box……