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Freezer Racks

Cryogenic racks efficiently organize and store standard freezer boxes or cassettes. Cryo Canisters freezer racks are made out of lightweight durable and corrosion-resistant Aluminium sheets, these high-quality units can easily withstand cryogenic temperatures and are available in various dimensions and capacities to fit any upright or chest freezer.

As always the needs of the laboratory personnel became our guideline. Classic design was enhanced by small but important “tweaks” leading to the production of our new freezer rack range. Fastened handles, slightly tilted upwards, allow effortless transportation. Our cryogenic chest racks may keep specimen separate through sectioning and have a locking rod for additional security.


Why use our Chest Racks?

  • Made entirely out of Aluminium.
  • Robust and durable yet lightweight, easy to lift and handle.
  • Specially designed semi elevated handle and locking rod make handling quick and precise. Retrieving and unlocking a rack from the freezer wearing those thick cryogenic gloves just got easier.
  • Slim profile aluminium rivets are used as joint in the structure. Space between the racks inside the freezer is now minimized.
  • Easy handling means less effort and time spend each day.
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